A Thanksgiving Message

A Message from: Evan Leonard, President

I always like to take a positive view of life and reflect at different times of the year.  This year has been very unpredictable.  My wife’s culture believes leap years are always unpredictable.  There seems to be more questions than answers from the election, events from this past year and more.  That is why it is even more important to reflect and make sure we take the time to be thankful. 

I am a huge believer in technology but think there is a time and a place for it.  This weekend is about connecting with humans and putting down the smartphone. 

The latest book I read, The Big Leap, talks about how we can spend more time in our Genus Zone and what are our upper limiting problems.  Upper limits do not pertain to negative thoughts or feelings.  Instead it is invigorating and liberating to think about how we are all limit ourselves sometime from our genus.  This does not just mean our professional life but personal as well.  I have made it a point to share with my family my genus this weekend.  In this book, genus does not mean a high IQ in math or a subject but rather where you are able to make the most impact.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to cherish the good memories, celebrate with those around us, and give countless thanks to all that we have despite what is going on in the world. Try to look for the positive in what is going on, rather than the negative. Take a step back with loved ones and truly appreciate the times that you have together and how we live in a constant transforming, technological world. Happy Thanksgiving to All.