Unwanted Browser Ads?

This article excerpt, written by Carolina, originally appeared here: http://ow.ly/VAE2n 

If your browser displays unwanted and wrongly placed ads such as an adult website ad on a website for kids or showing an ad where it simply cannot appear like on a government website then this means trouble.

Such unwanted ads sometimes contain hidden software, which often are malicious or infected with malware which can steal your passwords stored in your browser or direct to scammy websites.

Such malicious software can also cause following problems:

          - Slow down your PC

          - Make your computer crash abruptly

          - Change your security settings without your permission

          - Make the system vulnerable to all sorts of viruses

          - Insert inappropriate ads and scams into your browser

In some cases, it becomes impossible to get rid of the software.

In case your PC is showing any or all of these symptoms, you need to immediately delete the malware. If this isn’t workable then it would be better to seek professional help.