Secure Your Facebook

In November 2014, Facebook asked its users to comment on the proposed changes to the social network's terms of use, data policy, and cookies policy. At the time it also introduced Privacy Basics, a page offering easy-to-understand interactive guides that explain some of the most commonly asked questions about Facebook use.

Last Friday (5/1/15), the page has been updated to answer questions users have about security tools they can use.

"This new security collection, 'How to Keep Your Account Secure,' covers specific topics like how to create a better password, what to do if you see a suspicious post or message, what to do if your account has been taken over by someone else, how to recognize attempts to steal your passwords and info, how Facebook protects your information, and how we handle information requests from governments," Melissa Luu-Van, Product Manager at Facebook, shared in a post on the Facebook Security page.

"Online threats are a growing concern for people, and our hope is that this helps people better understand how to stay safe and secure on Facebook," she added.

I personally suspect that this will become more the norm. As social media networks become a part of our day-to-day business processes, it is essential that employees learn how to keep sensitive information secure and the best practices for doing so.