The End of Privacy?

There are so many new technologies hitting the market these days. Companies and individuals are trying to put them to practical use for business and/or consumers. Google Glass is no different as people are trying to understand the technology and how to make it applicable. This article is about an app almost ready for prime time and to be used exclusively with Google Glass.

Have you seen anyone wearing Google Glass out in public? If you have, they look absolutely ridiculous (for now). There is a new app that will allow total strangers to ID you and pull up your information, just by looking at you and scanning your face. How will this be effective in the business world? Let’s say you are at a business or social event. Someone is wearing Google Glass and they scan you. Your scan is sent wirelessly to a server, compared to millions of records and in seconds returns a match complete with your name, other photos and social media profiles.

It might make a great tool for your sales team to find and profile prospects. Can you imagine being in a room with 100 people and be able to find your perfect prospect in minutes? The invasion of privacy could make this app creepy for some people especially how single people might use them in social settings. It is such an invasion of privacy especially if you take it out of business context. This might sound far-fetched and out there but it won’t to the next generation.

NameTag is a site that can search out your information while wearing Google Glass. If you want do not want your profile on the site, you have to sign up just to opt-out. Seems backwards to traditionally opting out where privacy is concerned.

The creators of the site say it is not about invasion of privacy but connecting people that want to be connected. They are trying to make the world a smaller place to live and work.

The world is changing and we must be ready, willing and able to make the change.